#TMsPhotoChallenge Oct 7-13, 2013

I announced a photo challenge a bit ago for my twitter followers to take and post a photo that related to a word that I posted each morning at 9am.  The Words given each day are on the first image.  Thanks to Twitter followers who participated.

https://twitter.com/Mrk_MacInnis/status/389521864936390656 @Mrk_MacInnis

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https://twitter.com/audrianadiruzza/status/387572671120027649 @audrianadiruzza



Musical Kaleidoscopic

You Can see all these photos on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TMsDailyPic


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Daily Photos from September 23-29, 2013

My Daily Photos for this week include a beautiful Sunflower, a half dozen Smile Cookies from Tim Hortons chaitable campaign, Some Spaghetti noodles, and a thick foggy morning.  I also hit my 100th photo and stacked a hundred poker chips for my photo.  And #NationalCoffeeDay was on September 29th and I donated to support the Alzheimer Society’s Coffee Break fundraiser.








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A Day Early :) Daily Photos from Aug 26-31, 2013

photo71 photo70 photo69 photo68 photo67A Day Early :) Daily Photos from Aug 26-31, 2013

I am posting 6 photos today because tomorrow I will be out of town with the family. I will be at the Toronto Zoo so ill do a post Monday with my Zoo Trip Photos.

The week of Aug 26th started with the Toronto Blue Jays Game and all the #RedChallenge photos, I also got a great night shot of Downtown #Guelph, and a bumble-bee on a wildflower. I ended the week visiting a new Schlegel Village just before they open on Tuesday, The Village of Arbour Trails (follow them on Twitter @ArbourTrails) and then today I shared a photo of my Tassimo T-disc wall in the kitchen. I always have a selection of coffee’s and tea’s to choose from.

Im always willing to do a feature photo for you one day. Let me know what you would like for a photo and the link you wish me to promote.

Hope you all have a great first week of September.