Daily Photos for the week of September 16th, 2013.

Some great photos this week and some exciting new ventures and milestones for the week.  I happened to walk by the #88 on my 88th day of photos so the week started with that image.  A couple scenery shots of the sun peaking through the tree and the moon beside the Church in DT Guelph.  I captured Gregory doing some sketching at the pub and got a great self photo on the traintracks.  My mother commented on the clouds that she sees a flying pony…what do you see?  A popular photo this week was the fall leaves as today is the first day of autumn.  This photo is available on a new site that I found that allows people around the world to purchase your photos on canvas, framed, greeting cards and cell phone cases.  A great site to offer your photos out to the world…you never know what someone is looking for.  Check it out here http://fineartamerica.com/featured/fall-leaves-ted-mahy.html If you can click the vote/favourite button on the bottom of my leaves photo it makes it more visable to people on the site.  Thanks.

Also thanks to all my followers on Twitter @TMsDailyPic I reached 200 fans today.

Launched the next photo challenge this week as well.  Visit http://tedsevents.wix.com/tmsdailypic for details and to join in.



Daily Photos for the Week of September 9th.

The week of September 9th’s photos are all here.  I got a new photo editing app for my Blackberry Z10 and tried it out on the elevator numbers for the first photo.  There is a photo of a garden that has the sign for squash but I am sure they are tomatoes growing.  I was stuck on Wednesday evening for my photo for the day but I was at the Woolwich Arrow Pub and got a shot of the bison above the fireplace.  Thursday was Chocolate Milkshake Day and I managed to get out for lunch and enjoyed on from Harveys (Thanks for the retweet @HarveysCanada).  Friday was the 13th, so I got a good photo of my calendar on my desk.  Saturday, I enjoyed the races with my mom and sisters and got some creative photos there to share for the weekend.  Hope you all have a great week.

I will be announcing the next photo challenge this week.  Hint:  Descriptive Words!


A Day Early :) Daily Photos from Aug 26-31, 2013

photo71 photo70 photo69 photo68 photo67A Day Early :) Daily Photos from Aug 26-31, 2013

I am posting 6 photos today because tomorrow I will be out of town with the family. I will be at the Toronto Zoo so ill do a post Monday with my Zoo Trip Photos.

The week of Aug 26th started with the Toronto Blue Jays Game and all the #RedChallenge photos, I also got a great night shot of Downtown #Guelph, and a bumble-bee on a wildflower. I ended the week visiting a new Schlegel Village just before they open on Tuesday, The Village of Arbour Trails (follow them on Twitter @ArbourTrails) and then today I shared a photo of my Tassimo T-disc wall in the kitchen. I always have a selection of coffee’s and tea’s to choose from.

Im always willing to do a feature photo for you one day. Let me know what you would like for a photo and the link you wish me to promote.

Hope you all have a great first week of September.