#TMsPhotoChallenge Oct 7-13, 2013

I announced a photo challenge a bit ago for my twitter followers to take and post a photo that related to a word that I posted each morning at 9am.  The Words given each day are on the first image.  Thanks to Twitter followers who participated.

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Musical Kaleidoscopic

You Can see all these photos on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TMsDailyPic


 Photo Collages created at http://www.photovisi.com


Daily Photos for Sept 30 to October 6, 2013



My weekly posts for the week of September 30th.  Majority of my week was spent in Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario for the Schlegel Villages Operational Planning Retreat.  Amazing autumn scenery if you are looking for a place to go.  Also in the middle of my photos would be the cable or phone box that the worker left open on the side of the street.  That could be dangerous if some mischievous child decided to pull some wires.

PHOTO CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT! October 7th to 13th – Details at http://tedsevents.wix.com/tmsdailypic Each Day at 9am a new word will be posted on Facebook and Twitter with the Hashtag #TMsPhotoChallenge  – Post a photo that best fits that word.

Have a great week!

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